Ditch your slow and unreliable DSL or satellite connection and enjoy a modern, high-speed connection that’s so smooth, you might mistake it for hardwired. The ultimate solution for fast and reliable Internet access, the Ooma Connect 460 Bundle delivers unbeatable voice quality at Broadband speeds.

The Ooma Connect 460 Bundle is comprised of two parts:

  • Ooma Connect Base Station: The heart of your setup, the Connect Base Station is the Internet hub that operates all the devices on your network while delivering industry-leading phone service from Ooma.
  • Ooma Connect 460 Adapter: A 4.5G antenna module that is powered by the Base Station to capture connectivity to a nationwide wireless LTE network.
When these two devices are combined, they deliver the convenience of a fast and reliable 4.5G Internet connection with no need for bulky equipment or installed wiring. Thanks to a quick setup process, you can instantly deploy new locations, kiosks, checkout stands, or anything else your business requires.

You can purchase an Ooma Connect 460 Bundle in the Ooma Office store.

The articles below will walk you through setting up your system so that you can make your first phone call. You could also check out our setup and installation videos to help you get started.