If you are online, you can still access all your messages by clicking on My Ooma in the upper right at my.ooma.com. Here, you can enter the My Ooma, a secure, easy, and friendly web portal where you can manage your messages, explore and add new Ooma services, and get help from Ooma Customer Service.

In My Ooma, you can:

  • Listen to and manage all of your messages (listen, save, categorize, or delete).
  • Review your call history (calls received, placed, and missed).
  • Add funds to your prepaid account for international calling.
  • View tutorials and browse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Change Ooma preferences, such as the number of rings before BAM answers.
  • Activate new Ooma features or services like call forwarding as they become available.
  • Check your Ooma bill or print a receipt.
  • Contact Customer Service