Ooma can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your device. Why stop there? Many of our features can help you further reduce bills in other parts of your life, saving you even more.

instant second line

Instant Second Lineā„¢

Stop using your cell phone as a second phone, or reign in your kids' cell phone bills by shifting calls to the home phone. The Instant Second Line allows two people to talk on two different phone calls at the same time. Learn more.
Ooma Home Phone app

Ooma Home Phone app App

Use the Ooma Home Phone app app and reduce your monthly cell phone bill by making and receiving calls over your smartphone's data connection. Calls to the US and Canada, or to other Ooma numbers are free. You can also take advantage of our low international rates or even tap into your international calling plan right from your cell phone. Learn more.
personal phone number

Personal Phone Number

Share your savings by adding a personal phone number in an out-of-town area code that's a local call away for long-distance friends and family. Learn more.
do not disturb

Do Not Disturb

When you're busy or simply want to be left alone, a ringing phone can be the last thing you want to hear! With Ooma's Do Not Disturb feature, you can send all incoming calls straight to voicemail with just the push of a button -- much easier than going around the house turning off the phone's ringers! Learn more.
free gift

Free Gift with Annual Premier Subscription

Purchase an annual subscription to Ooma Premier, and we'll send you a free gift! With several options to choose from, you can select the item that meets your family's needs. Learn more.