1. Cordless phone system
  2. Cell phones
  3. Using a Fax Machine with Ooma
  4. PBX
  5. Home Phoneline Networking (applies only to the Ooma Hub)
  6. Electronic entry gate
  7. Home alarm compatibility
  8. DVR or satellite box that needs a phone line

Cordless phone system

All of the phones associated with a single cordless base station will function as one phone when connected to an Ooma device. Simply plug the cordless phone base into your Ooma device and set up your satellite phones around your house. Please note that in order to access the Instant Second Line™ feature, you must have at least one Ooma handset.

Your Ooma setup will replace your old answering machine and/or voicemail system. If your answering machine is a separate device, turn it off and disconnect it. If your answering machine is integrated into your cordless phone system, you may need to consult the phone manual to learn how to disable it. Alternatively, you can set the number of rings on your answering machine to a higher number than the number of rings required for the Ooma voice mail to pick up (the default is set at 24 seconds).

Cell phones

If you subscribe to Ooma Premier, you can integrate your Ooma system into your daily cell phone usage. Set up Call Forwarding or Multi-Ring to have your home phone redirect calls to your cell phone. Purchase an Ooma Bluetooth Adapter to merge your home phone and your cell phone together. Use the Ooma app on your Android or iOS device to make calls over your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G connection, stretching your cell phone minutes farther each month.

Using a Fax Machine with Ooma

Please refer to www.ooma.com/fax for tips on using a fax machine with Ooma.


Although this is not a recommended solution, some customers have reported that the Ooma system works with their home PBX systems. Contact our Customer Care team if you plan to install Ooma with a home PBX.

Home Phoneline Networking (applies only to the Ooma Hub)

Because the Ooma Hub uses Home Phoneline Networking (HPNA) technology to communicate to the Ooma Scout, you will need to find an alternate means to network your computers or other HPNA devices in order to use the Ooma system. The Ooma Hub will not work when other HPNA devices are connected on your home phone wiring.

Electronic entry gate

Ooma is compatible with most electronic gate entry systems.

Home alarm compatibility

If you have a home alarm system that relies on a phone line, we recommend that you use Ooma with a landline or keep a separate landline to support your alarm system.

Note: Ooma Telo Base Station units manufactured after April 2011 no longer have the option to connect a landline.

DVR or satellite box that needs a phone line

DVRs and satellite boxes should be hooked up to a phone or internet jack without routing through the Ooma system. If you have DSL, leave your DVR or satellite box connected to the DSL filter.

Please note that use of these devices may result in charges from your local phone company, since they are not operating over your Ooma system. Rest assured, they will not impair use of the Ooma system.