As soon as you receive your Ooma device, visit the Ooma activation page at The activation process will take 5-10 minutes to complete. You will be able to select your new phone number as part of the activation process.

Currently, you must select your phone number based on your country of residency. In other words, customers in the US must select an American phone number, and customers in Canada must select a Canadian phone number. We have a large selection of numbers to choose from.

Additionally, Ooma Office customers have the option to choose 800 and other toll free phone numbers. If we cannot get you a number in your desired area code, you can select a number from a nearby region. You may also consider porting over your existing phone number for a one-time fee.

Note: Residential phone numbers from premium area codes including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico can be selected, but carry an annual charge of $29.99/year. This subscription fee is waived for one premium phone number with an annual subscription to Ooma Premier or with Premier Always service.