If you have configured Ooma Connect as a backup connection, as described here, your Internet will automatically switch to the LTE connection when the primary Ethernet WAN connection fails.

When this failover happens, here’s what to expect:

Voice calls

If you have Continuous Voice enabled, your calls-in progress will continue uninterrupted. You can also initiate new calls at any time.

If Continuous Voice is not enabled, calls-in progress will drop. New calls can be initiated within about 30 seconds.

Certain IP phones may take longer to reconnect during a failover. If your IP phone does not come back online within 30 seconds, try unplugging its power and re-plugging it.

Internet access

Internet traffic will resume flowing within 30 seconds for all other applications such as email and browsing. The failover period will not be noticeable at all for many applications.

When the primary WAN connection is restored, the system will switch to it, or “fall forward,” in about one hour. If you want to force the Ooma Connect back to the Ethernet WAN connection more quickly, simply restart the Base Station by unplugging the power cable, waiting 10 seconds, and then restoring the power.