When you combine the power of the LTE for Voice Internet plan with your existing Internet connection, the result is our proprietary Continuous Voice feature. An instant failover in case of Internet slowness or interruption, Continuous Voice gives your phone calls the best quality and reliability possible.

Continuous Voice works by simultaneously sending the packets from your calls over both your existing Internet connection and Ooma Connect. The server uses whichever packet arrives first. The result is that your calls are the crispest and clearest you’ve ever heard, without any of the distortion that can occur with a standard VoIP connection.

Continuous Voice will be applied to all phone calls made through your Ooma Connect Internet connection, including calls on:

  • IP phones that are using Ooma Connect Internet
  • Analog phones plugged into the PHONE port on the Connect Base Station
  • DECT phones that are paired with the Connect Base Station
  • The Ooma Office mobile app on iOS and Android phones that are using Ooma Connect Internet

If you’d like to enjoy the Continuous Voice feature, do the following:

  1. Follow the instructions in this article to set up Ooma Connect as a backup Internet connection for your Base Station. Be sure to maintain your existing Internet connection.
  2. Subscribe to the LTE for Voice plan.

That’s it! Continuous Voice is an automated feature, which means it will turn itself on when your setup has met the criteria listed above and will stay on for as long as your setup continues to meet those criteria.