The Ooma Keypad has two hidden LEDs: a green LED and a red LED. It can also emit audible cues to communicate its status.

The Keypad can use its lights and sounds to help you achieve the following:

  • Pairing mode: Follow the pairing instructions in the installation FAQ to initiate pairing. The Keypad will give oyu the following information:
    • You will hear two short beeps and the LED will flash three times when the Keypad enters pairing mode.
    • You will hear one long beep when the Keypad finds a Telo Base Station.
  • Check current mode: Press any number key to check your Smart Security’s current mode.
    • The button for the current mode will light up.
  • Switch modes: Enter your PIN, followed by the mode you’d like to switch to.
    • You will hear a long beep and see a solid green LED when your PIN is valid.
    • You will hear rapid, short beeps and see a flashing red LED if the PIN is invalid.
    • You may hear periodic beeps if the new mode has an exit delay.
    • You will see the new mode’s button blinking while you are switching modes. It will show a solid light when the mode has switched.
  • Firmware update: The Keypad will automatically download new firmware updates as they are available.
    • While firmware updates are downloading, you will seetwo red blinks and then a pause repeating continuously.