Some online activities consume a lot more data than other online activities. Some of the most data-intensive things you can do include:

  • Streaming audio or video, either on the web or through an app
  • Downloading large files like music or videos
  • Loading image-heavy websites
  • Video calling
  • Running speed tests
  • Indirect data usage like automatic cloud backups, non-Ooma software updates, syncing and location services, and more

The activities listed above can use up a surprisingly large amount of data! For example, streaming high-quality audio can use up to 115 MB of data each hour. Video calling can use up to 1.5 GB of data each hour. Streaming HD-quality video can use 3-7 GB of data each hour!

If you find that you are going over your data cap every month, you may want to stop using Ooma Connect LTE to perform data-intensive activities. You can learn other ways to reduce your data usage by reviewing this article.