While it’s true that many businesses can get by with general routers that have been purchased from a big box store, a system like Ooma Wi-Fi offers a level of sophistication that off the shelf products lack.

When it comes to maintaining your Wi-Fi network, Ooma Wi-Fi is a much more straightforward solution than an off the shelf product. A standard router requires a business owner to log into the device to manage their Wi-Fi settings. Ooma Wi-Fi takes the complexity out of managing your setup. To make changes to their network, all Ooma Wi-Fi customers need to do is call Ooma Customer Support, which is available 24/7.

Off the shelf products tend to only have support for one network on each band, and that’s it. There is usually no support to separate your employees’ access from guest access. Ooma Wi-Fi gives support for multiple data networks, a voice network that prioritizes wireless phone traffic, and a guest network.

As your business grows, a single router may not meet your needs. Ooma Wi-Fi gives you the ability to add additional access points into your mesh network. These extra access points ship with plug-and-play functionality, so they work seamlessly with your existing equipment.