Building upon the reliability of the 4G network, a 4.5G network simultaneously leverages multiple frequencies to improve network speed and connectivity. In other words, the 4.5G network is capable of delivering broadband speeds with complete wireless connectivity.

A 4.5G Internet connection is incredibly reliable, which means you won’t need to be concerned that your business will come to a standstill due to an unpredictable outage. It is fast enough to serve as your primary connection, or it can work in tandem with your existing Internet service to give your voice calls unprecedented quality.

Best of all, a 4.5G connection is stable enough to be used as either a backup to your existing Internet connection or as a standalone Internet connection for all your business needs.

While previous iterations of cellular networks have suffered from bottlenecks, that is no longer the case with a 4.5G connection. The Ooma Connect Base Station uses eight antennas to connect to the 4.5G network, which means that it can transmit and receive a ton of data simultaneously. The Base Station also has more transmitting power than a cell phone, which means that you can expect excellent upload speeds.