With Ooma Connect, you can enjoy voice data, Internet data, or a combination of both. The pricing chart below outlines the monthly fees and overage charges associated with each of these services:

Plan Price Overage Price
LTE for Voice $29.99 per month per site
Up to 6 extensions per site
$4.99 per month for each additional extension
Pay-As-You-Go N/A $9.99/GB
10 GB Data $29.99/month $9.99/GB
50 GB Data $99.99/month $5.99/GB
125 GB Data $199.99/month $5.99/GB
Ooma Connect Base Station and LTE 460 Adapter rental $30.00/month N/A

1Administrative traffic like software updates do not count against your data balance.

NOTE: These charges are for Internet data only. Each Ooma account must have a minimum of one user. Each user will also be subject to the pricing structure outlined in our Ooma Office pricing chart. Ooma Office users have access to a variety of business features to meet all your company’s communication needs.