Ooma Smart Cam and Ooma Butterfleye are smart video security cameras that records every event they see. Your smart camera can be plugged in or can operate using its built-in battery. Since it connects to your Wi-Fi network and does not require a base station, it can be used in any household configuration. Ooma cameras come with a variety of innovative features designed to help you protect your home.

Each smart home security camera comes with a stand, a wall mount, and a magnetic bolt, making it simple to change the camera's location. Smart cameras are also compatible with Ooma Smart Security, so once you have set up the camera you can integrate everything into your home security setup.

Ooma Smart Cam is no longer available for sale, but the articles listed below will help you learn more about how to use cameras you've already purchased.

Ooma Telo in white.

Ooma Smart Security

Get started with Ooma Home Security with a Telo, 1 motion sensor, and 2 door/window sensors.