Your Ooma Office purchase comes complete with almost everything you will need to get your office set up quickly and painlessly. Before you get started, you may want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the contents of the box.

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Ooma Office Base Station
  3. Cable Accessories
  4. Ooma Linx Device
  5. Next Steps

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide will be your physical companion as you walk through the first steps of the Ooma Office setup process.

Ooma Office Base Station

Setting up the Base Station in a convenient central location will be your first step. The heart of your Ooma Office setup, your Base Station connects to your broadband Internet service and routes calls to your office phones and peripheral devices.

On the back of your Base Station you will find all of the ports that you need to connect to the Internet and directly connect your first extension.

Cable Accessories

Your Ooma Office comes with most of the cables you will need to get up and running right away:

  • A/C power adapter
  • Flat Ethernet cable (RJ-45)

Ooma Linx Device

The included Ooma Linx device will let you wirelessly expand your telephone setup with additional phones or peripherals. Setting up the Linx device will be your second step after you activate your Ooma Office Base Station.

Next Steps

Now that you are familiar with all of your equipment, you can move on to activating and setting up your system. You can find more information about your next steps in the Ooma Office activation FAQ.