If you’re ready to try out Ooma Office to see if it is the right fit for your small business, there are two different ways that you can proceed. Both setup options are billed at the same monthly rate, so you can choose the one that best meets your business needs:

Hardware setup

With the hardware setup, you will get started by purchasing and installing an Ooma Office Base Station. Your Ooma Office account will be created when you register the Base Station and set it up in your office. The advantage to purchasing a Base Station is that you can immediately add physical components such as an analog phone, Ooma Linx devices, and more to your Ooma Office setup. Learn more.

Mobile setup

Ooma Office for Mobile allows you to register an Ooma Office account right from your computer or smartphone. Your initial extension setup can be configured to use the Ooma Office mobile calling app or call forwarding to a cell phone or landline. There is no hardware purchase necessary, although you can choose to add hardware components at a later time. Learn more.