Whether you purchased an Ooma Office Base Station or signed up for Ooma Office for Mobile, Ooma Office is designed to grow with your small business so that you always have exactly the capacity that you need without needing to pay for more than you can use. Below, you can find a brief overview of the various options that are available to you when it comes to expanding and personalizing your telephone setup:

New User

An Ooma Office account is able to accommodate enough users to give each person or department in your business can have his or her own unique extension, voicemail account, personal phone number, and personalized login for the End User Portal. Each user can make and receive phone calls from one or more devices that are assigned by the Administrator. Learn more.

New phone number

Ooma Office can support local phone numbers and toll-free phone numbers. Extra phone numbers can be used to give your business a local presence for multiple area codes, to give your business a national presence, and to give direct-dialing capabilities to any extension such as the virtual receptionist or a specific user. Learn more about local numbers or about toll-free numbers.

Expansion Base Station

Each Ooma Office Base Station can accommodate up to five analog phones (one with the analog phone port in the Base Station and up to four with synced Linx devices) or Ooma Freedom Headsets that can be assigned to users. You may purchase additional Base Stations to continue increasing your setup’s capacity up to 20 physical devices. Learn more.

Ooma Wireless Adapter

Break free from the constraints of a wired Internet connection with the Ooma Wireless Adapter. Simply plug the adapter into the Ooma Office Base Station and sync it with your office’s Wi-Fi connection, and then you can place the Base Station anywhere with an available power outlet.

Ooma Linx and analog phone

The Ooma Linx is a wireless device that syncs with the Ooma Office Base Station to bring you a wireless telephone jack anywhere that you have a free power outlet. Once its initial setup is complete, the Linx device can be plugged in anywhere and used just like a normal telephone jack. Learn more.

IP Phone

Ooma Office will soon be compatible with select IP phones.

Ooma Headset

Users will appreciate the hands-free convenience of the Ooma Handset. With excellent voice-quality anywhere within the range of the Ooma Office Base Station that it is synced with, the Ooma Handset Headset is an excellent option for individuals that are on the phone a lot, or who spend a lot of time moving around the office. Learn more.

Ooma Office mobile app

Users can take Ooma Office on the go with the Ooma Office mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app can make any cell phone part of the Ooma Office setup with the ability to make and receive phone calls, transfer calls, and more. Learn more.

Any of our hardware expansion products can be purchased directly from Ooma. You can get started by visiting the Add-ons tab in the Ooma Office web portal from a desktop computer. Please note that the Add-ons tab is not currently available on Ooma Office for Mobile accounts.