There are many ways to listen to your voicemail messages. Choose the way that is the most convenient for you from the list below:

From your Ooma Office analog phone

Pick up your phone and dial your own extension number.

From another Ooma Office phone

Dial your internal extension number and wait for the call to roll to voicemail. Press [*] and enter your PIN.

Through the Virtual Receptionist

If your company has a Virtual Receptionist that answers the company’s Main Number, you may be able to use it to access your voicemail. Begin by dialing the Main Number. When the Virtual Receptionist answers the call, dial your internal extension number. Wait for the call to roll to voicemail, then press [*] and enter your PIN.

From a phone that is external to Ooma Office

If your extension has a direct phone number, dial it from any external phone. Wait for the call to roll to voicemail, then press [*] and enter your PIN.

From a Cisco IP phone

Press the Voicemail button.

Press the MESSAGE button.

From an email

When emailed voicemail notifications are enabled, new messages will be automatically forwarded to your email address. The audio message will be sent as a file attachment in .mp3 format, so you can listen from most web browsers and email clients.

If you need to change the email address that your messages are being sent to, you will need to provide your updated email address to your Systems Administrator so that he/she can make the requested change.

From the End User Portal

Log into the End User Portal and navigate to the Dashboard page. Navigate to the Voicemail page:


New messages are marked with the new icon. Click the Play button ( play ) next to the message you want to hear. The message will begin to play through your computer’s speakers.

From the mobile app

Log into the Ooma Office mobile app on your mobile device. Select Voicemail from the menu on the left to see a list of all messages. Tap the message you wish to listen to.