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Ooma Butterfleye is an indoor home security camera that works 24/7 to protect your home. It can automatically arm and disarm based on your GPS location, keeps recording during internet and power outages, and will capture activity beginning five seconds before a triggered event so you’ll always know what happened from start to finish.

There is nothing important that making sure the kids get home from school, checking in on your pooch, or just knowing that your home is safe while you're on vacation. You’ll see it all from our smart app in crystal-clear, full HD video. Live stream from anywhere, anytime, or go into your timeline and play back what you missed.

Ooma Butterfleye is so smart that it gets to know your friends and family, including your pets! That’s because it is the only camera in the market which has facial recognition. That way, alerts can be customized to tell you when your kids get home or if someone unrecognized enters and you get notified about it.

Ooma Butterfleye is also compatible with the Ooma Smart Security. You can customize in such a way that you can have the camera record an event on any of our sensor movements. You can get motion notifications and can now view the live streaming directly though the Ooma Home Security App.