Ooma Premier is a collection of advanced calling features that have been designed to enhance the capabilities of your home phone. With over 25 premium features and more rolling out every day, there's something for everyone!


Enhanced caller-ID - See who is calling even if they're not in your contact list
Enhanced call-waiting - Your phones will ring, even if one is already in use
Instant Second Line - Two people can use the phone at the same time
Three-way conferencing - Add another friend to the conversation
Backup number - If your Internet goes down, calls are forwarded to another phone

Enhanced Voicemail

Voicemail notifications - Receive an email or text alerting you to new voicemails
Voicemail forwarding - Listen to new voicemails right from your inbox
Send to Voicemail - Send live calls to voicemail to leave a message
Voice-to-Text - New messages are automatically transcribed and sent to you


Voicemail Monitoring - Listen to incoming messages before you decide to answer
Do Not Disturb - Send all calls straight to voicemail without ringing
Custom call blocking - Block out the people you don't want to talk to
Suspected spammer call blocking - Block sources of suspected phone spam
Known spammer call blocking - Protect yourself from known phone spammers
Anonymous call blocking - Shield yourself from anonymous callers
Contacts-only calling - Only let your contacts ring your phone

Connected Home

Google Voice Extensions - Integrate GoogleVoice into your Ooma setup
Nest Alerts - Tap into the power of Nest to make your home smarter
Connect with iOS - Separate your home phone and work phone
Connect with Android - Get alerts for Ooma events on Android devices
Connect with Philips Hue - Visual notifications when your phone rings
Connect with LIFX - Have your lights notify you when a new call comes in
Connect with WeMo - Let Ooma trigger WeMo events in your home
Connect with Google - Record events like calls and voicemails in Google Drive
Connect with Dropbox - Save new voicemails to Dropbox

Home Office

Private device - Separate your home phone and work phone
Personal number - Set up a second number for a home office
Private voicemail - Personal numbers come with separate voicemail accounts

Exclusive Extras

Free calls to U.S., Canada, and Mexico - The benefit of free domestic calling extends to all three countries
Free gift - Purchase an annual subscription and get a free gift
Be the first - You'll be the first to know about new features and cool extras


Call Forwarding - Forward all calls to another phone number
Multi-Ring - Ring your home phone and cell phone at the same time
Receive calls on the Ooma app - Make and receive free calls on your smartphone over Wi-Fi or 3G